• Dentist: Dr. Joseph Lteif D.D.S, BSc Hon.
  • Hygienist/Clinic Manager: Gabriella Ltaif RDH, BSc Hon.
  • Hygienist: Rebecca Landry RDH
  • Assistant Nan Han DAII
  • Receptionist: Sylvana Hanna Lteif
  • Receptionist: Maya Ltaif BCom Hon.

Our waiting Room

Enjoy a 50 inch LCD TV with a wide variety of movies available for enjoyment of all ages. The majority of our appointments are scheduled in advance and as we strive to start and finish on time, however, sometimes there may be a need that we take some patients on an emergency basis. Our staff always do their best to fit patients into the schedule when he/she has an unexpected dental emergency. Our regular patients normally do not mind to wait a little bit because they understand some time in the future; they may be the one who need this emergency service.

Sterilization Centre

Our sterilization takes place in a specifically allocated sterilization room. Our dental assistants make sure all instruments go through an entire process for total cleanliness and sterility. First, the instruments go into the non-sterile collecting area. Here, they are scrubbed, then placed in an ultrasonic (high-frequency vibration) solution to dislodge any particles. Then they are rinsed, dried and sterilized under heat and pressure to kill bacteria, viruses, and spores. The effectiveness of our sterilizers is monitored daily that complies with the guidelines of the Ontario Dental Association and College. All instruments we use, including handpieces (drills) and all hand instruments, go through this process. For instruments that are made of plastic or of the materials that cannot tolerate this sterilization process, they are discarded after each use.In addition, all the counters, handles, and equipment in each operatory room are wiped down with disinfectant between each patient use.

If you have any concerns about our sterilization procedure, please feel free to ask us about it. We are happy to show you our facility and protocol.

Digital X-rays and Panoramic X-ray Machine

Laurier Dental uses digital Radiography. By using digital radiography, your exposure to radiation is reduced significantly compared to conventional x-ray equipment. It also allows us to see in greater detail any areas of periodontal disease, unerupted teeth, abnormal growths and the overall condition of your mouth. This method of taking x-rays is done instantly via a computerized x-ray system. In other words, we have avoided the wait time of developing the x-ray films and the constant use of environmentally unfriendly developing solutions. In addition, because data is saved in a digital format in digital x-ray technology, information is easier to be shared with other health care providers in need of referral and for patients seeking a second opinion from another health care professional. Our office also has a panoramic digital Xray machine which allows us to take a 3-dimensional image of your mouth and jaw area which helps us in surgical procedures, implants, TMJ diagnostic etc.



Dr. Joseph Lteif D.D.S, BSc Hon 

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